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Show them they have your Support!

Show them they have your Support!

Here's another shot at blogging by Corporal4Life! So when I started this company I was very narrow-minded about the sort of products I would be offering and the audience for which these products would be suitable. Being a veteran and having served in both the Army and Air Force I was focused on getting vets and serving members of Canada's Armed forces to start showing some pride in what they do. As Canadians we are not very willing to "show off" by wearing veteran shirts and hats and putting stickers on our cars. The thing about us Canadians is we serve proudly but also quietly. We do sell alot of our stuff to veterans and serving members, but we were also missing a HUGE chunk of Canadians by only offering "Military" apparel. After receiving numerous requests by email and in person, I finally decided to create something for anyone who supports our Canadian service members and veterans. That being said, if you have a friend or family member who proudly wears the Canadian uniform or is a veteran past or present, show them that you have their back and appreciate what they do and what they have done. Why not check us out and grab yourself one of our "Proud Supporter" shirts and show that soldier in your life that you do appreciate them and the sacrifices they make. Don't forget, for every shirt sold we donate a portion to PTSD Battlecry, so grab yourself a shirt and help out an amazing cause at the same time!  Get yours now at

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