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Pride in Service

Pride in Service

Here we are again blogging. Am I doing it right? No idea, do I care? Nope...well maybe just a bit so long as people read it, visit our site and buy stuff!

As some of you reading this may know, I am a veteran and I started this tshirt thing as a way for serving and past serving members of the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) as well as their families, friends, and anyone else who is proud of our military to show that pride. Some love us, some don’t. I’ve had fellow vets play keyboard warrior and shit talk my stuff right on our Facebook page, which I found rather amusing and a bit ridiculous at the same time.  I’ve also had amazing feedback from soldiers and civvies alike which must mean we are doing something right.

I was recently at a local Legion with a friend and fellow veteran having some pops and shooting the breeze about our time in the forces.  I myself did 13 years (some reserve, some reg) in the infantry as well as in the air force, while my buddy did almost 15 years as both RCR and PPCLI (jumper, Afghan and Bosnia veteran, and all-around Badass Mother you know what). We met while he was posted to my reserve regiment as Regimental Quartermaster in ’05.  Anyway, we were talking about the days being on course, or doing anything military and how we never mentioned or admitted to being soldiers to the civilian population.  We’d go out to the bars or anywhere really and when asked what we did, we were anything but military folk. I myself was a semi-pro baseball player, a fireman, a lawyer, and many other occupations just to avoid revealing my true profession.  My buddy said he used to tell people he was an iceberg welder...why the cover stories?  Who knows why we did it but we did.

Anyway, point being now that we are out we are a lot more willing to admit to who we were, Canadian soldiers. Does that mean we brag? Nope, it just means we are proud to be or to have been part of something big.  We have 2 veteran shirts right now, one which says ‘Canadian Veteran’ and the other ‘Afghanistan Veteran’.  Are they for everybody? Probably not, but there are those of us who are extremely proud to have been able to serve our country either overseas or here at home and are proud to wear that on their chest.  So whether you choose to make up some nonsense career that you tell people you have, or you are or were a badass sumbitch who wears the Canadian flag on your left shoulder, be proud and show that shit off!  Obviously we want people buy our shirts and wear them with pride but if you aren’t that person, at least check out and make a donation! If you like our stuff then check us out at


C4L out!

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